Limbe – London

1st – 6th February 2009

1st February starts well. Long morning in bed, top breakfast and chilling out by the swimming pool with some beers. There is a plan to climb Mount Cameroon but what the heck – it’s our day off.
Przemek and Janusz drive to check on the mountain and hire the guide for the following day. Unfortunately I can’t go as I need to go to Cyber Café and do some remote work.
My remote work continues for 3 more days so I don’t approach the mountain. I drive Przemek and Janusz to the bottom where the climb starts. I have a quick chat with their guide Samuel about the climbing experiences of Przemek and mainly Janusz. Samuel takes it very seriously as it turns out later J
During these two days on my own I decide to go back to London. I have only 2 more blank pages in my passport and it will make loads of effort to get a temporary one in Angola. Also I need to go back to work to sort out some stuff. I book a flight for 6
th Feb via Tripoli.
I stay in the hotel, enjoy being alone although I meet a number of people.

Planning to join back the trip as soon as I can.
On the morning of the 7th February I land in London. Freezing cold but I get a warmer welcome than the whole of Africa.


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