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Mar 20, 2009, post by Tomasz Zbikowski

1st – 6th February 2009 1st February starts well. Long morning in bed, top breakfast and chilling out by the swimming pool with some beers. There is a plan to climb Mount Cameroon but what the heck – it’s our day off. Przemek and Janusz drive to check on the mountain and hire the guide […]

Mar 13, 2009, post by Tomasz Zbikowski

  21st January 2009 Dropping off the passports to the Chadian embassy the first thing in the morning.  Just after leaving the hotel we decide to check the car underneath. It turns out that the front right wheel is broken on the inside. We found a garage run by two Libyan guys who manage to […]

Mar 12, 2009, post by Tomasz Zbikowski

11th January 2009 We spend almost the whole day on the beach repacking and cleaning our Landy. Fortunately the beach is filthy and it does not attract even a single tourist. Only some locals gather to sell us souvenirs and lure us into the empty restaurants. With a clean car we refill diesel and hit […]

Mar 08, 2009, post by Tomasz Zbikowski

29th December 2008 After weeks of preparations, logistics, improvements to the car and vaccination that would have been an overdose even for a racing horse we are finally getting close. The trip is seriously delayed. By now we should swim with the dreadful spindly killer fish off Cameroonian shore and play hide-and seek with a cheetah. We have […]